Happiness Meaning

 Happiness Meaning

Happiness is a psychological state in which the persons experience the positive feeling. This post defines the Happiness meaning and ways to achieve true happiness.

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Happiness is the key to well being; it is the feeling which brings an instant smile in peoples faces. Generally, it is an overwhelming emotion which naturally comes out of your heart when we see or observe positive thing happening to you.

In the context of happiness; when someone puts the efforts in the hard work and gets success in the result. That feeling defines the meaning of happiness. 

The feeling of happiness brings positivity and joy to the people. It gives them hope and confidence in moving forward in life.

Types of happiness 

It sounds weird, but happiness could of two types.

  1.  Short term happiness
  2.  Eternal Happiness 

Short term happiness

Seeking current pleasure, like enjoying your favorite ice cream and seeing your home team winning a match against a rival team are the examples of the short-term happiness.

It is the process which is always attached to fun; it grows with tremendous speed. In such kind of happiness, you will see skyrocketing your emotions or pleasure for a limited time which could be of 1 day or 1 month.

After passing the time such happiness disappears.

 Eternal Happiness 

Eternal Happiness redefines the meaning of happiness. It is also known as authentic happiness or meaningful happiness. Every Human must follow the path of everlasting happiness such sort of joy endures for a prolonged interval.

It helps you to create the purpose of your life so that you would cherish the happiness.

Intelligent people focus on how could they achieve the state of eternal happiness instead of short-term happiness. True happiness is the achieve through positive Karmas without expecting any fruits.

In the battleground, Lord Krishna spoke to Arjuna.

कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन । मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भुर्मा ते संगोऽस्त्वकर्मणि ॥

You have all the rights to perform your duty with free mind and soul, but you are not entitled to focus on the fruits of your effort.

Achieving Eternal happiness will make your life more blissful and delight;  It is also the mantra of success. People who follow the pathway of eternal happiness they learn many positive things in life.

It is also known as the path of consciousness; therefore, the route of eternal happiness is a lifestyle, and every successful or happy person follows.

It is a process which takes time to start but when it starts appearing; It grows with the compound interest.  The seeker or follower of this happiness feels connected to the higher consciousness.

There are various factors responsible for happening of such happiness you.

  1. The nation where you are living.
  2.  Climatic conditions
  3.  Your thought process
  4.  Your fitness
  5.  Religion, etc
The most impactful and significant factor which is responsible for your eternal happiness is your mindset or thought process.

Using this appropriate can help you to overcome all your struggles and achieve the path of everlasting happiness.

How to achieve happiness?

There are a few qualities which are necessary to achieve the eternal happiness.

  • Courage and wisdom
  • Excellence
  • Self control
  • Management qualities
  • Love 
Achieving Eternal happiness

When you start loving yourself and other, the feeling of compassion and generosity grows within you. It makes you a better person.

Hence, The combination of all these traits helps people to work on their full potential and achieve the eternal happiness.

Misconception of Happiness

Happier people do everything great, they live longer, smile more, love more, and others take inspiration from them. They follow their life goals with dedication and love. It is their secret of lasting happiness.

Money is not the source of true happiness; it is the Byproduct of passion, hard work, and skill. Therefore, it is necessary to know that there are a few things which even money can't buy.  Still, it is better to drive Lamborghini than average Car.

The most important thing to point here is that you must look at the higher version of anything. Running for the short time happiness is not worth it.

Finding the passion and exploring it so that you could reach your highest possibilities is the source of authentic pleasure and secret of everlasting happiness.


On this post, we have shared the happiness meaning; and how someone achieves happiness in their lives.

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