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Happiness Meaning

 Happiness Meaning

Happiness is a psychological state in which the persons experience the positive feeling. This post defines the Happiness meaning and ways to achieve true happiness.

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Happiness is the key to well being; it is the feeling which brings an instant smile in peoples faces. Generally, it is an overwhelming emotion which naturally comes out of your heart when we see or observe positive thing happening to you.

In the context of happiness; when someone puts the efforts in the hard work and gets success in the result. That feeling defines the meaning of happiness. 

The feeling of happiness brings positivity and joy to the people. It gives them hope and confidence in moving forward in life.

Types of happiness 

It sounds weird, but happiness could of two types.

  1.  Short term happiness
  2.  Eternal Happiness 

Short term happiness

Seeking current pleasure, like enjoying your favorite ice cream and seeing your home team winning a match against a rival team are the examples of the short-term happiness.

It is the process which is always attached to fun; it grows with tremendous speed. In such kind of happiness, you will see skyrocketing your emotions or pleasure for a limited time which could be of 1 day or 1 month.

After passing the time such happiness disappears.

 Eternal Happiness 

Eternal Happiness redefines the meaning of happiness. It is also known as authentic happiness or meaningful happiness. Every Human must follow the path of everlasting happiness such sort of joy endures for a prolonged interval.

It helps you to create the purpose of your life so that you would cherish the happiness.

Intelligent people focus on how could they achieve the state of eternal happiness instead of short-term happiness. True happiness is the achieve through positive Karmas without expecting any fruits.

In the battleground, Lord Krishna spoke to Arjuna.

कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन । मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भुर्मा ते संगोऽस्त्वकर्मणि ॥

You have all the rights to perform your duty with free mind and soul, but you are not entitled to focus on the fruits of your effort.

Achieving Eternal happiness will make your life more blissful and delight;  It is also the mantra of success. People who follow the pathway of eternal happiness they learn many positive things in life.

It is also known as the path of consciousness; therefore, the route of eternal happiness is a lifestyle, and every successful or happy person follows.

It is a process which takes time to start but when it starts appearing; It grows with the compound interest.  The seeker or follower of this happiness feels connected to the higher consciousness.

There are various factors responsible for happening of such happiness you.

  1. The nation where you are living.
  2.  Climatic conditions
  3.  Your thought process
  4.  Your fitness
  5.  Religion, etc
The most impactful and significant factor which is responsible for your eternal happiness is your mindset or thought process.

Using this appropriate can help you to overcome all your struggles and achieve the path of everlasting happiness.

How to achieve happiness?

There are a few qualities which are necessary to achieve the eternal happiness.

  • Courage and wisdom
  • Excellence
  • Self control
  • Management qualities
  • Love 
Achieving Eternal happiness

When you start loving yourself and other, the feeling of compassion and generosity grows within you. It makes you a better person.

Hence, The combination of all these traits helps people to work on their full potential and achieve the eternal happiness.

Misconception of Happiness

Happier people do everything great, they live longer, smile more, love more, and others take inspiration from them. They follow their life goals with dedication and love. It is their secret of lasting happiness.

Money is not the source of true happiness; it is the Byproduct of passion, hard work, and skill. Therefore, it is necessary to know that there are a few things which even money can't buy.  Still, it is better to drive Lamborghini than average Car.

The most important thing to point here is that you must look at the higher version of anything. Running for the short time happiness is not worth it.

Finding the passion and exploring it so that you could reach your highest possibilities is the source of authentic pleasure and secret of everlasting happiness.


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What do rich people do?

 What do rich people do?

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What do rich people do to become successful, That is the question which comes in the mind of the future millionaire. Are you one of them?


 If this question is in your mind; then, you are on the right track.

The problem is that we think and act under the influence of society and other people who are surrounded by us. They control and manage us; it is the hurdle in the path of the massive success.

No one of them is massively successful; their success is just an illusion.
If they think before purchasing anything; It means they are not massively successful and most importantly now they cannot achieve that level of success which you can.

 Use your logic and decide for yourself, what you want from your life.

Therefore, if you wanted to be live a comfortable or successful life then keep reading the whole post.

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This post will help you to uncover how you can attain massive financial independence? Or at least what do rich people do to become successful?

What you need to do

It is a step by step guide to achieve that kind of success.

If you want to join the league of smartest 10 % of people around the world;  you need to do this.

Firstly, you will require an optimistic mindset. 

Every massively successful people is psychologically strong that they can overcome any setbacks.

1 - Choose your drug (passion)

It is the essential step, and probably the crucial one. Choose a relevant passion which could be able to transform your life and future; it could be any art or skill.

For example, choose something which excites you, or already within you. It could be related to music, athletics, engineering, craft, and writing but I would like to suggest you go for computer programming, communication skill or writing skills.

Any passion connected to information technology is best. It has the power to bring change in the world in the longer term.

Analyze your passion is detail, make someone your role model and try to understand who inspires you in your field.

Therefore choose your passion well.

2 - Blank your mind.

Now after choosing your passion, the most important thing is to blank your mind. Yes, you heard it right; blank your mind. Forget your past life whatever you did in your past life.

Focus on your passion now, don't get distracted by your past mistakes. Use them as your fuel, not weakness.

Now analyze yourself and collect all the information related to your skill. Master your demons and re-master them until you defeat them effortlessly.

Now you are prepared to take the next step.

3 Goal setting

Applying some logistic goal setting technique which will help you to set a reasonable goal. Set a time limit for yourself so in that time you could achieve it.

Write these goals on a paper so that they could enter in your subconscious mind.

4 - Apply Time management strategies

You cannot win your battle unless you control your time. Time is the more valuable tool which can make you or break you.

Apply some time management strategies to make your every moment countable.

Act on your time, follow strong discipline; I know it is difficult but if possible never let anyone disturb you in your tight schedule.

Do only one thing at a time, don't distribute your energy into various options and task available to you.

5-  Mindset

Now you are passionate and skilled; keep working on your skill enhancement. With passing time, your ability to analyze your mistakes and learning will grow with tremendous speed.

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Always remember rich and successful people present themselves as broke in front of others; whereas, average people present themselves as valuable.

It is the mindset of the achievers that it doesn't matter how slow you go as long you don't stop. 

In between this, there will time come when everything will look useless, your efforts seem to be going in vain. You will feel broken and exhausted.

A bamboo tree requires 5 years to come out of the earth layer; during that period it requires a constant supply of water and sunlight.

After five years, when it comes out from the earth crust. It grows with the rate of compound interest in comparison to other trees.

Never back down at that moment; it is the part of the process. That state is known as the second wind. It is the time when success tests your perseverance. Don't quit, don't look back; keep hustling on.

Give your blood, sweat, time to your passion. It will never betray you.

The traits of successful people

After crossing all these barriers; you have proved that you have something different inside you. At this stage, you will automatically start thinking like a successful person.

These are the few traits which will grow within you.

  • You mindset will shift from consumer tendency to the creator tendency.
  • You will start feeling more confident than ever before.
  • You will begin taking responsibilities of your action.
  • You will realize that the internet has the greater meaning than Netflix and entertainment purposes.
  • You will never argue with other people on the social media network.
  •  You will start valuing your and others time. You will also become compassionate and morally strong.
  •  Reading books and self-improvement blogs will become your habit.
  •  You will realize that failure is the root of the success; It teaches you humbly. 
  •  You will understand the real meaning of asset and liabilities.
  •  Successful people never work for money, their money work for them.
  • They depend on multi-streams of income.

The concept of money

The more you learn, the more you earn. There is the contrast between the rich people and mediocre people way of thinking towards money.

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 Average believes that money is the cause of all evil.  Prosperous people think that lack of money is the source of all evil.

They try to create a process which could give them monthly paychecks after some time. They know that unless they know how to make money; while sleeping they will keep working for a prolonged period.

Therefore they will focus on creating the resource of side income or passive income whereas mediocre will keep working.

Mediocres are happy with their limited mindset; every hard thing will look impossible for them whereas successful people will try to figure out the solution to the problem so that they could achieve the impossible.


In this post, we have shared the essential question what do rich people do?

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How to save money as a student?

 How to save money as a student? 

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If you are a student and thinking how to save money as a student? This post will help you to get the wisdom of saving money as a student.

Money comes to those who are willing to acquire talent and wisdom. It is fabulous; if you are concern about saving money. Getting a financial education at a very young age is a blessing. 

There are few things which you can do to sustain money and happiness in your life. All these points are not precisely related to saving money tips, but all these points are around attached to money-saving lessons. 

You will learn financial education which will help you to increase or double your saving genuinely.

  1. Think creative; always believe that you are born as a special kid.
  2. Save 10% for yourself [ The secret ]
  3. Accept changes in your life and express gratitude for things.
  4.  Reward yourself
  5. Invest in yourself
  6.  Look for the solution, not the problem

1- Think creative; always believe that you are born as a special kid.

You must feel the greatness within you; every successful person somewhere believed in himself.

Most of you will be familiar with the name of Steve Jobs. Yes, I m talking about the co-founder of apple inc. He was born to a young couple later another family adopted him.

 Steve biological parents wanted Steve's responsibilities handed over to a financially stable and educated family.

The new couple who was adopting steve as their son was not that educated; in fact, his brand-new father Paul was a technician and mechanic.

Steve was dear to his new parents, but he was continually facing the problem of being an adopted child. One day a neighbor's daughter told Steve that he was an adopted son.

That was a sad experience to him, he went to his parents and asked about his reality. Steve parents accepted that he was their adopted son.

His parents told him that he is a special kid to whom we have chosen you to be our kid. You are so much special for us.  They kept repeating it from time to time.

That impacted Steve positively; he started believing that he was an exceptional child. In his entire life, Steve presented himself distinct in front of everyone.  It was one of the main reason for Steve's massive success.

That is called rich mentality. It helps young minds to grow creatively.

Rich mentality encourages people to become creative, take out some time for yourself to make your life more creative.  It will help you to save extra money for you.

Practice creativity like a muscle;  the more it expands, the more it becomes vibrant which means more money in your life.

2  Save 10% for yourself [ The secret ]

Whatever money you are earning or receiving, you must keep 10% of it for yourself. Put that 10% in your piggy bank and use it only in extreme conditions.

The problem of most of the youngster is that they keep spending their money, pretending that they are financially stable and hardly saves anything. Therefore for them, whatever comes in is equivalent to whatever goes.

Stay away from buying any useless stuff which cannot help you to grow positively in life.

Spend money only on necessary items; don't pretend to be rich, you are not right now. There is the difference in accumulating wealth and money.

That mindset can be easily understood by reading rich dad poor dad book summary.

That summary will help you to understand the meaning of Asset and Liability in the aspect of earning money.

Wealth is an asset or source of money whereas money is the return of the wealth or the process which is making money.

 Rich people always act to be broke, and broken people pretend to look rich.

If you are doing this, stop doing that and focus on saving 10% for yourself. 

3 - Accept changes in your life and express gratitude for things.

Transformation is the part of human life, embrace it. Feel happy when you see others getting successful in their lives. You can learn many lessons from their success and from failure which could save your lot of time. 

Always feel gratitude and happiness for everyone. It will make your life peaceful and calm. Only a patient person can take advice from other and grow in life which will help him to make money.

The calmest mind is the sharpest mind in the room.

4 Reward yourself

While chasing dreams seldom we forget why we are working so hard. Therefore sometimes it is necessary to reward yourself and manage yourself well.

It triggers the subconscious mind that affording luxury sometimes motivates people to do better in life.

Most of the people get it incorrectly.  

It doesn't mean that people in the growing phase should spend all their money on bearing the luxury. 

Rewarding yourself means motivating yourself by affording a luxury and believing that you want to sustain your growth and ready to work harder than before.

5 - Invest in yourself

Most of the people try to save their maximum money. Saving money is a good habit, but it cannot give you financial freedom. You will remain limited until you maximize your money through investment.

As defined above, you need to keep only 10% of your money and take out a portion of your money and invest it in yourself. Any investment in acquiring a new talent is the best investment. It can cost you some money, but it can return you much more.

Any investment in purchasing books or online courses to equipping yourself with wisdom and skill is the best investment.

Your investment can help you to make different streams of incomes in the future. One thing to keep in mind that your investment will not help you to get an instant income flow but with time, you will unquestionably start earning money from it.

6 Look for the solution, not the problem

One of the best quality of the highly successful person is that they think out of the box.

Great mind always focus on finding a solution to the problem whereas average people only see problems and quit in the last.


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Successful entrepreneur characteristics

 Successful entrepreneur characteristics

Successful entrepreneur characteristics

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Successful entrepreneur characteristics

Successful entrepreneurs possess some common traits, and every rising entrepreneur wants to know these successful entrepreneur characteristics.

For acquiring those characteristics, they keep reading the book, ebooks, and blogs.

Therefore, On this post, we have shared the secret of the successful entrepreneurship but before that; we must understand that it is a slow process and overnight success is a myth.

There is no such recipe which can give you overnight success. You can not achieve massive success in a short time.

To become a successful entrepreneur in life; you must know what rich people do  and excuses don't build empires.

We have heard that fortunate people win the lottery, then we have also heard that these people quickly lose their money.

Another myth saving money can make you a millionaire; it is correct to some extent but not entirely.

 Indeed, investing money on stocks, real estate, bonds and creating assets can help you to gain financial freedom.

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, then you must quit these three things right now.

  •  Keep yourself away from time-wasting stuff
  •  Don't live in the past
  •  Over-thinking kills dream and passion.
If you are an entrepreneur then, you must know that these things keep you away from the success. Have faith in your abilities and pursue your dreams.

Entrepreneurs are interested in learning the new thing from their experience.

There are ways to achieve prosperity and success in life. 

  1.  Set a weekly, monthly and yearly goal.
  2.   Record your expenses and earning.
  3.  Choose option wisely.
  4.  Avoid multitasking.
  5.  Keep things simple.

There are various factors involved in attracting success.

Learn to say yes to only essential things.

Every successful entrepreneur is aware of them and if you want to know them then keep reading the whole article.

1 Invest your time like your money.

Before getting into entrepreneurship, you need to research your market adequately. Yes, it is possible to start from scratch and taking your business into heights.

Several billionaire companies started from the scratches and created history.

Hustle until you no longer have to introduce yourself. Many entrepreneurs did that; if they can, then you can do that too.

 If you are in the initial phase and want to repeat their success, then Invest your time like your money. Time is the most valuable asset; every successful entrepreneur spends it wisely.

It is the successful entrepreneur characteristics that they never waste their valuable time watching sports, tv shows, and Netflix.

The thing which is not related to making money is utterly a waste of time for them.

Therefore, you will not meet a massively successful entrepreneur sitting in the sports stadium.

2 Turning passion into a business 

Another significant Successful entrepreneur characteristic is that they love what they do.

Without putting passion in something; you cannot achieve the great result.

Firstly they develop their passion for a skill then they turn their passion as their business.

The same thing goes with every business environment. Therefore, every entrepreneur is passionate about his work.

Entrepreneurs don't believe in living on the weekend; for them, there is no difference in Sunday and Monday. You can easily find them working on Sundays and Saturday.

Where others party on the weekend; they work on the weekend because they genuinely love their work.

3 Ability to take the life-changing risk

Taking the risk in life is also the primary characteristics of the successful entrepreneur.

Taking a risk and getting fail into it is common in entrepreneurship, but how you get back makes them outstanding.

We all fail, only a few get back up and those who get back up change their destiny. Therefore stay patient and trust your journey.

Risk-taking abilities are necessary to move forward in life with pride, and an entrepreneur understands it.

Therefore every successful entrepreneur is a high-risk taker in life.

Let your dreams be higher than your fears, and your action louder than your words. To do something big in life you need to be fearless and risk taker.

4 Disciplined lifestyle

As defined above, time is a valuable asset for them; managing their time well is their primary priority.

They focus on their strength and understand what they are capable of; this helps them to believe in living a disciplined lifestyle.

How can someone lift his or her life positively without living a disciplined lifestyle? It is necessary for an entrepreneur to live a disciplined lifestyle. Following a fixed routine helps them to see results faster.

5 Putting Hard Work

The climb might be tough, but the view from the top will be worth it.

There is no alternative to hard work.  You cannot create history; if you stayed in your comfort zone.

Most of the people believe that they can skip hard work by implementing smart work process; yes they can, but the knowledge of intelligent work comes after the year of practices and failure. 

Hence, if you are a newbie, then you must put efforts into learning the process.

6 Overcoming the weakness

No one is perfect; everyone has his or her flaws. Entrepreneurship is all about becoming the better version of yourself.

 You cannot become your best without overcoming weaknesses. You are unique and different from others; there is hidden greatness within everyone, and that is your superpower.

Entrepreneurship cherishes the uniqueness of the person and makes him fearless. It gives courage to the person to overcome his weakness and wickedness.

It is the only reason all successful entrepreneurs are bold and the best problem solver.

Invest in yourself; it pays the best return.

Acquiring various virtues helps the entrepreneur to deal with different issues.

All these skills help them to solve various problems. The problems which might seem simple but takes lots of working to resolve them.

Being an entrepreneur, you have to find the answer to certain questions.

  1.  How to sell
  2.  How to think
  3.  How to negotiate
  4.  How to face failure
  5.  How to manage time
  6.  How to invest money 
  7.  How to build a carrer from your business.
  8.  How to handle money
  9.  How to make an Impact
  10.  How to start a business
  11.  How to communicate well
  12.  Crisis management

The best thing is that by following the path of entrepreneurship; you get various tools and skillset to solve all these issues.

So there is no need to fear from these question. Love your product or service, make your service best; rest will happen automatically.


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Early riser

Be an early riser 


Be an early riser, if you want to change your life destiny. It is the secret of most of the successful people on the planet.


Viewing sunrise every morning gives you hope, faith, and positivity in life which helps to fight all the odds.

In this post we have discussed how to become an early riser and what are the benefits of becoming an early riser?

This post contains my personal experiences which helped me to become an early riser; when I was suffering from lack of sleeping disorders in the nights.

Benefits of becoming an early riser

Waking up early in the morning to become an early riser in life or to sleeping late up to the morning; the choice is yours.  Waking up early in the morning will push you forward in your life, whereas waking up late in the morning will take you nowhere. I'm again saying Choice is yours.

Invest in yourself; it pays the best result. Waking up early in the morning is also one such investment. Let's understand it from an entrepreneur point of view.

If your a business person, then, it is advisable to you to get awake early in the morning because waking early in the morning helps people to live a perfectly healthy lifestyle.

  1. Waking up early in the morning helps you to maintain the balance of your body, mind, and soul.  It also put you on the path of spirituality; you feel connected with the lord.
  2. You get more time to finish your work in the time limit, and you can save the rest of the time for your loved ones.
  3. You automatically get ahead of the people who wake late. Every morning you can focus on self improving activities like Yoga, Book reading and Gyming. 
  4. Creative ideas easily emerges to the mind in the morning. You feel good from inside and your entire day becomes fresh and energetic.
  5. No one disturbs you in the early morning, you get no phone calls and no guest in the morning.
  6. When you become an early riser, your body sends a strong signal to your mind that you are a leader in life. It helps you to grow self-reliant in life.

How to Become an Early Riser?

Sleeping early in the night is the best way to wake early in the morning. Your body requires pleasant sleep to wake fresh every morning.

There are a few strategies which you can implement to become an early riser.

  1. Firstly convince yourself that you are master of your mind. Whatever you believe, you can make that possible in your terms. That kind of mental toughness helps in becoming an early riser.
  2. Fix the definite ampere-hours for your sleep. Don't push yourself beyond that timeline. I subjectively call it, sleep timeline.
  3. As soon as time ticks the hour of sleep, you should skip all your work and get in the bed for the nap, so that the next day you could wake early. 
  4. Avoid late night parties at the sleeping time. You are degrading your sleeping hormones.
  5. While leaning down on your bed in the night; set your thought process free, don't think anything.
  6. There are chances that you might suffer the lack of sleep disorder, don't get restless and flip the sides, it is normal that is what you are correcting in your lifestyle. 

How to handle sleeping disorder at night?

Take a deep breath and trust me you don't need sleeping pills. Your body and mind can easily tackle your minor disorders.

Still, if you want fast result, there is a Guru mantra which can help you to get natural sleep without any pills. Keep your thought on only one thing.

No, I'm not saying to calculate sheep. I'm stating that repeat the name of the almighty in your mind for a few mins.

 In my case, I chanted the auspicious mantra Om Namah Shivaya. Mantra means I bow down to eternal auspiciousness who is Lord Shiva.

That helped me to get my pleasant sleep first nights; I practiced the mantra for a few nights after that my body adapted the natural alarm.

The frequency of chanting the mantra reduce to few moments. Now, I repeat the mantra only for one minute. The Mantra helped me to put a button on my sleep.

How to wake up early in the morning?

There are two significant things which you can do to awake early in the morning.

  1. Keep your alarm clock away from your bed so that you have to walk up to the alarm clock to close the alarm.
  2. Keep the repeat mode on for the alarm. It will keep disturbing you until you wake up and shut down personally.
  3. Most importantly never set a sweet alarm tone.  Set an inspirational alarm tone which should encourage you to wake up early in the morning.

After a few days, your requirement of the clock will get reduced, and your body natural alarm clock will take its position. It is a matter of a few days.

There waking early in the morning is not a discipline, it is a lifestyle which makes them early riser.

Every youth should consider becoming an early riser; the healthier your lifestyle will be, lesser medication your body will require from chemist shop.

We hope you learned something helpful.


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